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  • "A few days in Buenos Aires"

    We participated in a guided tour in the southern part of Buenos Aires. This tour was made by bike which is an exellent way of seeing this amazing city. I can strongly recommend BA bikes. We had very nice guide who told us a lot about the different spots we visited.

    By WalterBromma on tripAdvisor
    London, UK

  • "My favourite tour in BA"

    I found this tour amazing with so much useful information about the south of the city from our tour guide. He knew all the history, was happy to answer questions and had an awesome sense of humour. I highly recommend this tour to anyone as we had such a laugh!

    By cookens on tripAdvisor
    London, UK

  • "Excellent morning in BA!"

    We did the south route, and it was beautiful, so much to see, amazing scenery, and there is a bit of a stop in La Boca for you to walk around. Took us around the city in a way that we would not have otherwise done on our own, and we loved every second of it.

    By Adam H on tripAdvisor
    London, UK

  • "23 feb 2016 BA Bike tour (South)"

    They know everything about the history of the Southern neighboorhoods of BA and can talk about it in a very interesting way! You just keep on listening. They really take care of the small group in the sometimes hectic traffic in BA. Really worth it!!!

    By Susanne t on tripAdvisor
    London, UK

  • "Excellent Tour and Guides"

    BA Bikes was excellent! We did the South circuit. Our guides were great, very knowledgeable and fun, with great, easy to understand English and good humor. They really knew their history, and explained it in a way that was easy to understand. They talked about historical events, but also talked a lot about the current status politically, socially, and economically in Argentina and Buenos Aires, and gave us an idea of daily life here.

    By ktaberle on tripAdvisor
    London, UK

  • "Great trip highly recommended"

    Great relaxed trip around the south of BA, our guides were fantastic and had the group smiling all trip. The trip was also really informative especially the main plaza and both my girlfriend and I loved it. Cheers guys!

    By johntripadv on tripAdvisor
    London, UK

  • "Wonderful way to see Buenos Aires"

    The tour lasted approximately 4 hours and I definitely felt like I got a great overview of the South side of the city. The guides and their peers at the bike shop were also very helpful in recommending restaurants and other things to see in the city. Everyone seems to love their job and is genuinely interested in making sure you enjoy BA as much as they do.

    By Erika J on tripAdvisor
    London, UK

  • "Best tour ever!"

    It was my first bike tour ever and I wish all the ones I will take in the future will be of the same level as this one. I took the South tour through La Boca, Puerto Madero, Plaza de Mayo and other place with. I had the luck to meet the group working at BA Bikes and I must say they one more friendly than the other. Could not recommend this more!

    By Diego538 on tripAdvisor
    London, UK

  • "Fantastic afternoon with BA Bikes"

    There were 7 of us. We went to San Telmo and had time to wander around and then headed to La Boca (the home of Boca Junior football team) where we had the best Alfajores !! A few parks and then to Puerto Madero which was busy with markets also as it was a Sunday. Roads were quiet and we got loads of history and interesting facts about the culture and politics of Argentina. Three and a half hours well spent. Would highly recommend.

    By Mags C on tripAdvisor
    London, UK




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